Gabula Kicks Off Jiggers Campaign in Busoga Region

Prince William Nadiope Gabula IV has launched a jigger eradication campaign in Busoga with a call for promotion of personal and home hygiene and creation of by-laws to enforce cleanliness and sanitation.

The launch was organised by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. Prince Gabula, who is regarded as the Kyabazinga of Busoga and chief prince of Bugabula chiefdom, said people need to be mobilised to embrace sanitation and hygiene so as to eradicate the health menace.

“We need to collectively fight off jiggers and promote hygiene and sanitation to keep communicable diseases at bay,” he urged.

Ms Kadaga said jiggers affect government programmes like universal primary education as children shy away from school. She called for health inspection in communities and vowed to fight on for her people’s health as a prerequisite for development.

“It’s high time leaders came out openly in the fight against the epidemic,” she said.

Need to change

Primary Health Care Minister James Kakooza blamed the jiggers epidemic on poor hygiene and negligence as people continue sharing their houses with animals and birds, which carry the parasites. The victims received basins, bathing towels and slippers. Pader, Kitgum and Kayunga have also in recent weeks been hit by jiggers.

By Opio Sam Caleb, The Monitor