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Girl still on anaesthetics from wisdom teeth surgery filmed by mom on ride home

April 20
04:15 2012

While her mother knows this girl’s delirious state is due to anesthesia from surgery, the teen is certain there’s something more ominous at play.

A teenager from Harrisburg, North Carolina has uploaded an hilarious video of herself still high from anaesthesia following wisdom teeth surgery. While on the ride home, she shrieks that she is a wizard at Hogwarts, and that fellow students have put a spell on her. She plots her revenge, turning to her mother for help.

‘I go to Hogwarts,’ she exclaims in an hilarious video uploaded to YouTube. ‘I’m a wizard. I forgot! I bet they put a spell on me!’

The three-minute film stars a student from Harrisburg, North Carolina after she has had her wisdom teeth removed.

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Still high from the procedure’s anesthesia, the girl shrieks at her mother on their ride home – and crafty mom catches the whole thing on film.

Once in the car after being transported by a wheelchair, the girl becomes distressed.

‘I’m going to Chapel Hill, did you know that?’ she slurs at her mother, referring to the university in North Carolina.

‘Who told you that?’ her mother asks, with the girl, who is wearing a ‘Carolina’ t-shirt, responding the nurse mistook her for a college student.

‘She thought I went to college, but we don’t even live in America! I don’t remember where we live!’ she says, beginning to sob.

It then hit her: she actually lives in Hogwarts – the school of witchcraft and wizardry attended by Harry Potter in the books by J. K. Rowling.

Her mother plays along, asking her daughter what they will do next.

‘We gotta get them back,’ the teenager responds. ‘We gotta get revenge. I have my lightsaber.’

She passes the imaginary weapon to her mother – before telling her they need a snack break first.

It appears the girl has a sense of humour about her odd behaviour, uploading the video to YouTube herself.Under the user name amcooksey, she writes: ‘Me after my wisdom teeth surgery.’

The video, which was uploaded last month and first appeared on Jezebel, has received more than 223,000 hits.

Source Daily Mail