Kisii County cabinet nominees neglected the youth

Looking at the list of the names of the ten cabinet secretaries’ chosen by Kisii county Governor Mr. James Elvis Ongwae, leaves a lot of questions than answers.

Kisii county Governor Mr. James Elvis Ongwae

Kisii county Governor Mr. James Elvis Ongwae

The county governor has failed the acid test by leaving the youths (age 18-35) out of his cabinet. The young people are the backbone of any economy and leaving them out is insensitive of the governor, whom received a majority of the votes from the very young people.

We expected the governor to include at least two youths in the cabinet, but it was a rude shock that the reverse of our expectations was true when the names came out. Majority of the people in Kisii County are the youths who are swimming in the sea of joblessness which has seen most of them being used by politicians who damp them as soon as the elections are over. This is not the music we want to continue dancing at this time round.

We have young people from Kisii with good academic credentials which should be used to propel our county to higher heights of development. However, it is sad that the Governor could not notice them. This young people used all means necessary including but not limited to campaigning in the social media for the governor and his team, and not appointing any of them to the cabinet is giving them a low deal.

When the young people were mobilizing voters to vote for you during the campaigns, and persevered for more than six hours queuing to vote for you, they were voting for change that will consider them. They had and still have much hope that out of the long political darkness, your leadership can bring the audacity of hope in their lives. Don’t start on this low note Mr. Governor. We have been told that we are the leaders of tomorrow and the tomorrow that we have always been promised is now. We have to stand up and get the better share of what we deserve.

The issues affecting the young people can be solved by the able people you chose, but it is pertinent for you to know that one of them is best placed to deal with their problems. Having at least two youths in the cabinet will not only make your leadership easy to deliver on the pledges you made during the campaign period but also help you to get in touch with this very people whom you will need in 2017.

Young people in Kisii just like any other young person in Kenya, needs a job, good infrastructure for the boda boda industry, security for a conducive environment to do business, well equipped schools, for the youths to pursue their academic dreams, good health care for them which is at par with your health care coverage, well equipped hospitals, just but to mention a few. We know that you know all these because you promised during your campaign. Let us not start seeing the contrary.

We are now demanding that any appointments remaining you give serious consideration to the young people. We promise to work with you, when we are involved not only in the campaign but also in the day today running of our county. Together we shall raise the Kisii County flag higher above the forty seven counties.

By Nyangenya J Bwomanga, Texas, USA

  • JacklynAuka

    Young youths should also come out and fight for their rights.

  • HezibonOgega

    I may not blame him bco3 he relies on his advisers too much who could not reach the youths.