Thrill seekers jump into 400 ft deep Utah canyon for an adrenaline pumping rope swing

A group of thrill seekers were filmed swinging back and fro on a 400 ft pendulum swing in a slot canyon in Utah.

The thrill seeker falls 400 ft into the canyon

The thrill seeker falls 400 ft into the canyon

In an amazing video, the group of wilderness lovers bravely step out into the unknown, screaming for delight as they glide through the air.

The footage of nearly 4 minutes, captured by YouTube filmmaker Devin Graham, was posted on Tuesday and has already gone viral on the video sharing website with more than 640,000 views.

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The filmmaker was tight-lipped about the location of the shoot but KSTU-TV in Salt Lake City reported that the film shoot took place somewhere in southern Utah.

Utah has the largest concentration of slot canyons in the world found in Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

With the temperature below zero, the jumpers were well bundled but kept their body temperatures warm from the sheer adrenaline pumping through them in advance of the jump.

The first brave soul showed how he used a bow and arrow to shoot the rope across the canyon to a ledge on the opposite side.

The brave soul seems to have had a crisis of confidence as he swings back and fro

The brave soul seems to have had a crisis of confidence as he swings back and fro

Equipped with multiple carabiners, a harness and ropes, he ran off the cliff, falling into the wide expanse of the canyon and shouted with excitement.

Aerial shots of the jump were available thanks to a remote control helicopter that had multiple cameras attached in order to capture multiple angles.

The jumper himself even held onto a camera so that his face and the look of terror he flashed could be recorded.

After the inaugural jump, several other jumpers from his group of merry men decided to take the plunge and stepped out into the steep space. 

‘That is as they say, a deep crevasse. Oh my heavens to Murgatroyd. That makes your bum shake,’ one jumper commented when he surveyed just how deep the canyon was.

Another commented, ‘You’ve got to trust that rope that’s close to your wiener area pretty good.’

Two consultants, Brian Mosbaugh and Scott Rogers from Slackline Media, were brought in to help rig the swing and also set up a tightrope over the canyon.

‘It’s really important to be aware of your gear, and not be doing this haphazardly with some ghetto materials,’ Brian said in a Making of the Video clip. 

The precise location of the filming was not provided, presumably to prevent gun-ho amateurs from getting hurt in a potentially dangerous and unsupervised swing.

As the men wrapped up their jumping activities, one of the enthusiasts tried to convince his girlfriend to take the plunge.

Though she was all suited up for the endeavor, she couldn’t quite muster the courage to step out off the cliff.

Her boyfriend tried several times to coax her and encouraged her to face her fear.

After multiple attempts, he walked her closer and closer to the edge and despite her protests, he quickly pushed her off.

‘I’m breaking up with you!’ she shouted, with her words echoing through the canyon.

He laughed at the comment and said he hoped that she would learn to appreciate his initiative one day.

The filmmaker, who himself is afraid of heights, decided to organize the film shoot as a follow-up to his canyon rope swing video last year.

Though the fall in 2012 film was only 150 ft, the clip gained over 16 million views on YouTube.